December 24, 2016

8 tips that can help you shape your week, starting from Monday

by Jide_DCI in Corporate, Productivity

I get excited about Mondays. I know this is contrary to most people’s views, as I have heard friends muttering and complaining as their weekend’s joy and excitement gradually fades away around 17h00 on a Sunday evening.

But for the past three years with Big Ambitions, I’m always happy to get back to work.

I see Mondays as a start of another productive week and another opportunity to be a solution provider. I start planning for my Monday from Sunday afternoon, when I come back from church – and this has not stopped me from having quality time with my family.

Let me share eight tips that can help:

1. Plan

On Sunday evenings I check my email, organise and make a list on my notepad of all the things I need to do – from corrections to previous designs, new projects, identifying upskilling opportunities etc. This has helped me to remain focussed over the years.

2. Wake up early

I wake up early to do some exercise, but often I read, telling myself it’s another great week to add value and be productive.

3. Prioritise

One of the major requirements to have a great week, is for you to prioritise. I take my son to school and then have clients’ briefs to attend too – and here time management comes into play. I have over the years consciously mastered the act of scheduling and this has helped me to work with speed without losing my focus. It is very important to prioritise, as this will also eliminate deferment.

4. Tackle difficult tasks

I’m fresh on a Monday morning and my energy levels are high, so I set out to complete the most urgent or difficult briefs first.

5. Keep your tasks on a timeline

At Big Ambitions we use ASANA to organise our tasks, but I also love using the notepad on my phone or my diary for taking notes during meetings. Keeping tasks/projects on my timeline has also helped me.

One thing I will add, is a little exercise of writing your tasks on a piece of paper, cutting them out with scissors and then rearranging them in the order of importance. It’s a tactile exercise that orders your thoughts and it’s a great way of taking a break from your screen.

6. Stay focused

There is a phrase my boss, Natalia Rosa, uses:  “Don’t dwell on it”. I have over the years tried to learn from this and I don’t dwell on the errors or challenges of the past week. I learn from these occurrences, compartmentalise them and forgive myself. This allows me to remain calm and energised.

7. Stay Happy

If the first thing you do when you get out of bed on a Monday morning is to check what your friends posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, then your week might be influenced by what is playing out on social media.

For me, meditation and prayer is pivotal to happy Mondays. Life will still go on if I do not check what people are posting, so why should I allow social media to determine how my week is going to be shaped?

8. Envisage success

From the start of a design brief, I see a great output even before I start brainstorming. This allows me to see positivity every step of the way.

Amidst the Monday morning rush remember to wake up early, plan, focus, be happy, and be positive all the way!

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