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4 ways you can develop your voice and push boundaries
Develop your voice – No one is born ready and with the ability to produce excellence. For every chosen profession, we all have people who we look up to or whose work inspire us to want to do more and be better. Solely because their work has found a voice—and it is loud and clear.

Earlier in your career, you may have also been at a crossroads, asking yourself if the path on which you find yourself is a good fit, and what do you need to do to make people recognise who you are and the strengths you possess.

Empathy can make you better

I have been taking time to really understand design thinking and I discovered from my research that empathy plays a vital role in designing solutions that work for people.

Design For Travel Marketing
Working in travel has inspired me to look at the world and design in a different way. I’ve gained new perspective and realised that there are lessons to be learnt in design based on how people travel and look for their own inspiration.


Every career begins at a starting point; it’s about adding value and making money. But, it’s how the career unfolds with you at the helm that ultimately determines your career success.