December 24, 2016

Empathy can make you better

by Jide_DCI in Corporate, Productivity

I have been taking time to really understand design thinking and I discovered from my research that empathy plays a vital role in designing solutions that work for people.

For you to solve problems and be better in life, you need to see the world through other people’s eyes, gain a deeper understanding of people’s emotional needs and understand the way they interact with the world around them.

Although you need a lot of skills to achieve in life, empathy is at the top of the list. It is key to your social, career and life development.

6 ways empathy can make you a better person:

1. Empathy connects you on a deeper level

When you show empathy, you gain a better understanding of people and your environment. People connect more with empathic individuals because they take the time to understand their problems, care about them on a personal level and work with them to find solutions. The world needs more sincere people with an empathic mind-set.

2. Empathy increases your happiness level

People gravitate towards happy individuals and always want to be around them. If your life is void of empathy, you can’t value and appreciate the people around you, and this will make you lonelier. When you exhibit empathic behaviour, you feel a stronger bond between you and the person you are interacting with. Empathy increases your happiness level and makes you live better and work better — wherever you might find yourself.

3. Empathy makes you a good listener

Life is not just about you and you alone. Empathy helps you avoid formulating opinions about other people without even listening to them. Empathy makes you listen on a deeper level, create a deeper experience and improves the world around you. When you listen to another person, you can reflect, learn and grow, thereby making deeper and more informed choices about life and the situations playing out around you.

4. Empathy makes you humble

When you are humble, you can lift the value of others above yourself. Empathising naturally improves your ability to be humble. I also discovered that empathy makes you accept yourself and when you do, it’s much easier to accept other people. Becoming a ‘better you’ comes from a place of admitting your own personal flaws and abandoning predetermined ideas/opinions of other people.

5. Empathy makes you sincere

Sincerity comes naturally when you empathise. It automatically kills any superiority complex, preconceived opinions and anything that may hinder you from connecting on a deeper level with the person or world you are interacting with. When you are sincere, you can understand people better and the solutions you will provide from that engagement will be robust. After all, genuineness is the true goal of authenticity.

6. Empathy encourages teamwork

I do hear some people say they are self-made; I find it very hard to agree with that concept. You can’t succeed alone. Every single step of a man’s life, right from conception, is about teamwork. Empathy gives you the ability to create an enabling environment around you that will encourage partnership, which in turn leads to creating sustainable ideas and solutions.

In conclusion, you can have a better life by truly immersing yourself in the world around you. We all have the innate ability to empathise, and putting yourself in other people’s shoes is the best way to learn about them. This, in translation, makes you a ‘go to’ individual. Don’t forget the world is looking for problem solvers not problem creators.

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