Development Promotions Rebrand: Visual Identity

Specialise in the promotion and marketing of leading international travel products, on a representation or General Sales Agency basis.

As part of our new visual identity redesign in May 2017, we launched a new brand identity to reflect the ongoing growth of Development Solutions. Our diverse brands offer unique and reputable travel opportunities: cruising, exploration, luxury travel, small group touring as well as accommodation and sightseeing in the East and Australasia.

With an extensive cruising portfolio includes popular cruise lines for families, couples and individuals as well as high-end luxury, river cruises, canal barging and expedition cruises. We offer cruises worldwide including: Antarctica and the Arctic, the Norwegian coast and fjords, Mediterranean, the Far East, Pacific, Caribbean, North and South America.


Update Development Promotions’s brand identity to reflect our evolving brand, as well as increase the visual weight of our previous logotype, which wasn’t legible at smaller sizes.


Created at Big Ambitions South Africa, 2017
Creative Director / Brand Designer: Babajide Olowookere




Corporate typeface

ITC Avant Garde Gothic LT | MONTSERRAT


Color palette



Campaign: #Holidayyourway

Collaborators: Babajide Olowookere | Steph Reinstein | Roland Muller


Campaign: High Five High Seas

Logo design: Babajide Olowookere

Flyer Design

Rutty Bags: Logo design

Casual hand bags, purse, food bags, pack packs, luggage, travelling bag, school bags, cross – over bags, Zipper phone purse.

As part of our new visual identity design, we launched a new logo to reflect the ongoing hand-made growth of Rutty Bags. In 2016, Rutty Bags launched to cater for customers who needs quality over quantity.  Today, we’re a in the process of securing grant to expand our bag production reach.


Create Rutty’s Bags logo to reflect our evolving brand, as well as increase our top of the mind awareness.


This project was created at JideDCI Design Studio in 2016
Creative Director / Brand Designer: Babajide Olowookere


Logotype variations

Rutty Bags logo is presented in two versions: the logotype or the Logo Bit. Their use is interchangeable.


To create consistency, our logotype is always used in white, black & pink.

Business Cards