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Babajide Olowookere

Integrated Developer & Senior Graphic Designer

About Me

Hi there. I am an Integrated Developer and Senior Graphic Designer – a creative powerhouse known for my extraordinary design expertise, leadership, and productivity. I help brands stand out and attract their ideal client, enabling them to grow faster and meet the needs of their customers.

My strategic thinking, distinctive logos, and memorable visual identities will ensure your brand appears professional and polished for years to come. I have a passion for creative design, brand management, and problem-solving. I am quick, highly motivated, and deeply passionate. There is nothing I love more than pushing my own limits.

I am currently based in Glasgow, Scotland, and work with Big Ambitions, a specialist content, communications, and marketing company.

– Babajide Olowookere


Trust Me, I love what I do

I provide comprehensive branding services, specializing in the creation of brand identities. My passion encompasses all aspects of visual design, including mobile and web projects, branding, presentations, and animations. Leveraging my industry experience and design thinking, I deliver effective solutions to brands.

Before starting anything, I get to understand exactly what my client wants and needs. I also make sure I understand the project goals, target audience, competitors, and content requirements.
It’s all about the thinking process. Coming up with customer-centric solutions to help my clients solve real issues and achieve their company goals is my goal with every project I work on.
The right balance of every digital product must be visually appealing, robust, functional, distinctive, and memorable for the brand to succeed.
Using the brand strategy developed, I ensure the visuals, messaging, and user experience will work in unison. Then design the logo, brand identity, and other deliverables.

“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.”

– Lindon Leader

Work - Developer | Designer

I'm currently working with Big Ambitions in South Africa. I specialize in creating visual identities for forward-thinking businesses. I use my extraordinary design expertise, leadership, and productivity to develop brand identities for brands that want to grow faster and meet the needs of their customers.

Visual Identity
Brand Strategy
Digital Design

What I Do

I design brands that stand out and attract their ideal client, allowing them to grow faster & meeting the needs of their customers.

Visual identity
I maintain a consistent identity with a brand system. Establish your logos, fonts, colors, and more for unity and consistency.
Brand Strategy
What makes your company exceptional? I offer brand strategy services on the basis upon which visual identities are built.
Digital Design
I will help you tell your brand’s story while amplifying leads with custom design solutions that will out-perform your competition!
I also specialize in design and development. I enhance the online presence of your company through functional websites.

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Contact Me - Developer & Designer

Call Babajide on +44 (0) 7778548561
Email babajide@jidedci.com